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Brittany Stewart, MLC, CAMS II

Hi, I'm Brittany.

I am a Certified Master Life Coach, Leadership Coach and Anger Management Specialist. Sometimes in life we find ourselves in one of two predicaments:

1. NEEDING the proper tools to reach the goals we set.

2. HAVING the proper tools needed but not really sure how to utilize them!


My goal is to help you become more equipped to build the life and relationships that you desire, by coming up with a plan of action!


While my approach may be motivational, you can count on me to be HONEST, hold you accountable and even call you out on your mess when it’s necessary! (Sometimes it’s necessary!)


I can assure you that you are in the right place if you seek support in any of the areas listed below:


• Communication, trust, conflict resolution and intimacy in marriage/relationships.

• Personal development, goal setting and empowerment.

• Self-esteem, self-image and confidence issues.

• Overcoming anxiety, fear and blockages.

• Balancing career and personal life.

•Anger and emotional management.

I offer couples, individual, and group coaching sessions.


Group coaching?! YES, I’m glad you asked! (I heard you ask! Lol ).


I have created a group coaching community for women needing a safe space to converse about relatable topics, network and feel supported by those who share common interests/issues.


As a Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur, I know how important it is to have a space just for us to unwind and unpack. Being nurturing mothers, devoted partners, the Wonder Woman wife, driven career bosses, super students and entrepreneurs can become overwhelming.


Most of us are SCREAMING: “If I could just find balance” …


I remind my women clients (and myself) all the time that, Balance in life isn't about achieving and maintaining unrealistic perfection. It's about finding sustainable ways to manage everything you need to do, with everything that you want to do creating a life that truly supports you. 


Please join my email list to be updated on the next group session topic.


If you desire to collaborate with me for individual or couples sessions, please schedule your free consultation call today.

Let's talk!

I would love to discuss the limitless possibilities of your journey!


Click the link below to book your

FREE 15-minute Phone Consult!



Initial Intake Session: $100

60-minute virtual session

*This session is to gather

detailed information,

 establish agreement,

and set the 

foundation of roles

and responsibilities.



Individual Session: $85

45-minute virtual session



6 Sessions Package: $440

Weekly 45-minute virtual sessions 


Couples Sessions: $110

75-minute virtual session


Let's get started!

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