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Monica Nichols, MLC

Are you ready to go on a journey of reinventing your thought process in order to change your future? Ask yourself, "What's stopping me?" Allow me to assist you with recognizing that you are a product of greatness!


My Name is Monica Nichols. A Certified, Master Life/Leadership Coach and Motivational speaker.  As a professional career woman, I have experienced many highs and lows that come with being a part of the corporate world as well as a business owner.  I collaborate with clients that have a passion to be greater in leadership,  career advancement, and life overall. Together, let's discover answer's, find solutions, and create possibilities to move forward in the areas you desire to be coached. 


Remember- A good Coach can change a game.

A Great Coach can change a life.

 Allow me to coach you to a better life!

Let's talk!

I would love to discuss the limitless possibilities of your journey!


Click the link below to book your

FREE 15-minute Phone Consult!



Initial Intake Session: $100

60-minute virtual session

*This session is to gather

detailed information,

 establish agreement,

and set the 

foundation of roles

and responsibilities.



Individual Session: $85

45-minute virtual session


Motivational Group Speaking: $500

60 minute session


Group Leadership Coaching for Businesses: $1000.00

Price may varies depending on the size of attendee's.

Let's get started!

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